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As an ex competitive swimmer I used to be very fit, but when I stopped swimming I put on weight due to not training everyday - I was lethargic and ever since retiring from swimming I have found it really hard to get back in to exercise and genuinely enjoy it. Working with S35 Personal Training I feel like I have got my mojo back and im really enjoying putting my body to the test!!
Michela is motivating and encouraging; she checks in with me every other day to see how I’m getting on and this ensures I don’t go off track! Her weekly PT sessions are specific to the goals I want to achieve, she targets the areas I want to focus on the most such as my arms and bum and she tracks my progress with monthly fitness tests! 
I have been virtually training with her for 12weeks and I can see a massive difference my fitness and muscle tone already! I’m feeling so much stronger, fitter and healthier since working with her. She is amazing. Thank you so much Michela!

Amy Wright (lives in Leeds, UK)


Micky is great! My goal is to regain strength and muscle after my pregnancy. Micky sets a clear training programme for our sessions together and for me to complete on my own during the week. I quickly started to feel stronger, and I love completing the workouts! As I improve, Micky adjusts the programme and intensity. Her passion is contagious and she keeps me motivated throughout the week. On top of that, she is a really likeable person. Whatever your goal, S35 training can definitely help you reach it.

Lise Munch Hansen (lives in Zurich, Switzerland)


I started training with Michela to reach some of my weight loss goals, tone and build strength. She has been very good at building workouts specific to me and I could see results very quickly. Not only have I lost a bit of weight and can really tell that my is body toning, but also my running has improved both in endurance and speed. The workouts are really fun and Michela is always positive and encouraging which is great especially when you are not having a good training day.

Anna Brazil (lives in Huddersfield, UK)

Anna Testimonial.jpg

What can I say about Michela? As well as being passionate about her job, she is also a super kind, positive human being! I’ve been doing her online HIIT classes for 6 weeks now and enjoyed them so much I’ve hired her as my Personal Trainer. We do 2 x 60 minute sessions per week (via Zoom) and in only 2 weeks I’ve already seen a huge change to my body shape which was totally unexpected so soon, but has really motivated me to keep pushing myself. I’m not perfect - I have days where I find it hard to motivate myself and I still have a cheeky dominoes once in a while! The nice thing about Michela is that she doesn’t make me feel bad about it, instead she supports me and encourages me to get back on track so that I’m feeling great again!
When I signed up with Micky, she showed me how to take my measurements and listened to what I want to achieve before writing me a personal fitness programme. I want to lose body fat and gain muscle and for someone who doesn’t really like running or play any sport I thought this would be difficult but I’m really pleased with the progress so far! Her sessions are well planned and easy to follow. For my plan she combines cardio and strength training (all of which I can do from my bedroom). She really pushes me to give my best whilst knowing my limits, so it feels achievable. She shows me how to do each exercise and does the exercise alongside me, correcting my form and keeping me motivated where needed. 
I’m really excited to see my progress over the next few months and I’ll be recommending S35 training to all my friends and family!

Kelly Gill (lives in London, UK)

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